About Women of BXN

The purpose of Women of BXN is to promote the advancement of women in public, corporate and civic life through education, personal and professional development.  This group currently meets monthly via zoom.  If you are interested in joining this group or have interest in hosting an event please contact us.

Event Types

We have a variety of events and are always looking for relevant topics for the season we are in.  We have hosted the following various type of events:

  • Self Defense Class
  • Vision Board
  • How to Survive Virtual School
  • Thriving Through Covid

If you have an event space or small business that can host us please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Small Business is my Niche!

Women of BXN Lead

“I was invited to be a guest speaker at a BXN meeting and never left! The warm welcome, energy of the group and incredible variety of the industries that the members come from made me instantly want to join.  On top of all that, it’s a fun group to be a part of where I have made great friends in addition to business connections”.  – Sierra Bailey, Doers Shakers Makers

Female Empowerment Through Support and Authenticity

“Being a part of the Women of BXN has provided a place for me to be around women who get me.  Whether it’s an inspiring event, or a conversation while networking, I feel supported and excited to grow”.  – Bianca Castillo, Owner of Bianca Beauty

Supporting Each Other’s Business

“I like that as a group we are working together to help one another give each other business and support each other individually.  Also, that we encourage positivity in all happenings”. – Marti Kirchem, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency