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A little bit about me. My name is Chris and I am a husband and (soon to be) father. I have been in Austin, Texas since 2013 and I have begun to grow my roots in this area. Outside of my career, I love to be active with my friends - I like to go bow hunting, cook with my wife, tinker with computers and coach lacrosse. I am a die-hard Longhorn and even though I claim Detroit as my home, I follow my parents sports teams from Philadelphia. I have begun to read and develop a lot these last few years and if you have a book recommendation or would like one, please reach out!

I have been working for New York Life, offering anything from Insurance products to full fledged financial planning, for over 4 years. I take clients through a patented process to not only diversify risk, but diversify taxes as well.
And while not all of my friends are my clients, all of my clients have become my friends.

I absolutely love what I do, the people that I have helped and I am looking forward to working with you soon!



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